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I began contributing cartoons to many of the local newspapers.
Providing 4 or 5 different cartoons on a weekly or bi-weekly basis proved rather exhausting, but good practice.

Currently (and for the past 15 years) my work appears in Xtra West, the leading gay press for Western Canada (and sometimes in it's 'sister' publications nationally).
I have also also been published regularly in several alternative papers across the USA.

I have worked for many association and/or trade magazines.
Such as People Talk, a Human Resources association and The National Auto Retailers Association.

My cartoon and illustration work has led to whole new creativeventure, writing the articles as well. Usually on topics that are in need of some humour .

Always up for the challenge,I am most interested in discussing any subject with any editor that feels I may be able to do it justice or injustice as the case may be.

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