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In 1994, I was inexplicably compelled to spend most evenings producing my first Children's book.
Toiling deliriously into the wee hours I eventually completed my masterpiece - 48 incredibly detailed, full color pages. (see here for sample pages)
The story of a little girl who takes a journey to Balloonland.
A colorful, mythical place where she encounters the quintessential forces of good and evil.
Battling the foe, she saves the day !
Chocked full of sweet sentiments and valuable lessons of love, trust and believing in oneself, this little book is a delight to all who read it.
During the course of my relentless promotion, I wound up doing creative workshops in countless schools, a most enjoyable vocation in itself. It was this book that would eventually launch me into my full time artistic career.
Copies are still available.

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